Terms & Condition

Terms - Condition terms and Condition

1. A contract for sale of goods is only formed between you and us when we receives cleared price and notifies you with the aid of email.

2. We will not keep any details of your credit/debit cards or any different charge approach you might also use to buy the goods. Our internet site is tightly closed and your important points will not be compromised.

3. When ordering from us you agree that email is the accepted form of conversation and confirmation between you the purchaser and us.

4. We reserve the proper to make modifications to the internet site and merchandise except supplying you any written observe as lengthy as it does not affect your ordered product (s) / Treatment (s).

5. We are solely online based organization and accepts fee thru credit score cards, debit cards and PayPal.

6. Once your order has been ordinary you will get hold of an electronic mail receipt. You will then obtain confirmation when the goods have been dispatched. We accepts no liability for any delays or failure in receiving merchandise as this is finished with the aid of 1/3 birthday celebration deliver services. We take no duty for loss of goods or any additional excise responsibilities at the port of destination. In the event that the 1/3 celebration courier fails to deliver goods you will be supplied with the monitoring important points to resolve the difficulty yourself. You will have to re-order the items at your personal cost have to they now not be delivered.

7. You agree that the threat of loss or injury passes to you upon dispatch of goods.

8. If you are ordering products from abroad please be aware that the goods perhaps problem to open inspection by using border customs officers.

9. We reserve the proper to reject your order it sense it will no longer go well with your requirements in accordance to the information you have provided.

10. By ticking the terms and conditions/disclaimer container earlier than checkout you are confirming the following:

two two two two a. You will take the products in accordance to the dosage guidelines set out by means of We.

two two b. You are now not struggling from any different illness or sickness other than that of what you have offered therapy for.

two two c. You indemnify We to any facet results or loss of lifestyles due to overdose or mistaken health facts furnished through you.

two d. You have notified us to any current scientific stipulations you may have prior to ordering our products. You will then have acquired confirmation from our Ayurveda Doctor that the Treatments / products are suit for you to take. The dosage and directions advice will additionally be provided.

two two two e. You accept that redress / products do no longer warranty therapy of any diseases.

11. You may additionally name the contact cellular smartphone between 10am and 7 pm IST you require recommendation and information.

12. These Conditions shall be governed via Indian Law and the Narnaul courtroom shall have jurisdiction.

13. If you are taking any other medication or have any different illness than that of what you are buying our products, you ought to inform us prior to purchasing our products. If we feel that you are in a suitable circumstance to take our products we will then have them prescribed with the aid of one of our Ayurveda Doctors.

14. We does now not guarantee cure for any sickness noted on our website. Although we have dealt with and cured sufferers we cannot confirm this to absolutely everyone as every individual is one of a kind and responds accordingly.