Male Sexual Problem

Q -What causes erectile dysfunction in males?

ans:- Coronary illness.

Stopped up veins (atherosclerosis)

Elevated cholesterol.




Metabolic disorder — a condition including expanded pulse, high insulin levels, muscle to fat ratio around the midsection and elevated cholesterol.

Parkinson’s infection.

Q – How can I improve my erectile dysfunction?

Ans :-

Watch what you eat. …

Keep up a solid weight. …

Stay away from hypertension and elevated cholesterol. …

Savor liquor balance or not in the least. …

Exercise routinely. …

Try not to depend on Kegels. …

Watch testosterone. …

Stay away from anabolic steroids.

Q – Is erectile dysfunction permanent?

Ans :- Be that as it may, some specific issues may prompt lasting ED issues. For example, pelvic medical procedures are among the most well-known reasons for natural sexual brokenness in men. Similarly as with any medical procedure, conceivable damage to encompassing nerves as well as veins may result.

Q – Can Viagra cause ED?

Ans :- Hard karma – Viagra can cause barrenness. FOR THE typical, explicitly dynamic man, Viagra has a dreadful potential reaction: it can cause lasting weakness, as per one pro.

Q – How can I cure premature ejaculation?

Ans :- Normal treatment choices for untimely discharge incorporate social strategies, topical soporifics, prescriptions and directing. Remember that it may require some investment to discover the treatment or mix of medications that will work for you. Social treatment in addition to tranquilize treatment may be the best course.

Q – What is the main cause of premature ejaculation?

Ans :- A few variables may add to untimely discharge. Mental issues, for example, stress, sadness and different components that influence mental and enthusiastic wellbeing can exasperate this condition. In any case, there is developing proof that organic elements can make a few men increasingly inclined to encounter untimely discharge.

Q – Does premature ejaculation go away with age?

Ans :- Almost certainly, untimely discharge will influence most men during some point in their life. There is no therapeutic time-limit that characterizes discharge as “untimely,” however discharging inside a moment from the earliest starting point of intercourse is viewed as untimely by numerous specialists.

Q – Can low sperm count be cured?

Ans :- There is no particular restorative low sperm check treatment intended to bring a low sperm tally up to ordinary, aside from on account of some hormonal irregularities which can react to drug. Much of the time in any case, albeit common origination can inevitably happen, some type of helped propagation is required

Q – What can cause infertility in males?

Ans :-

Reasons for male barrenness

These may include: Abnormal sperm creation or capacity because of undescended gonads, hereditary imperfections, medical issues, for example, diabetes, or diseases, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps or HIV. Expanded veins in the testicles (varicocele) additionally can influence the nature of spermFAQ

Female Sexual Problem

Q – Can exercise prevent sagging breasts?

Ans ;- By doing push-ups all the time you are working your pectoral muscles, which can prompt perkier boobs after some time. Nonetheless, no activity can legitimately handle the issue of listing bosoms, as they are absolutely comprised of fat tissue

Q – Does pressing Breast cause sagging?

Ans :- By doing push-ups all the time you are working your pectoral muscles, which can prompt perkier boobs after some time. Nonetheless, no activity can legitimately handle the issue of listing bosoms, as they are absolutely comprised of fat tissue

Q – Does pressing the breast increase its size?

Ans :- Bosom size increment after marriage is normal. Bosom is a tissue and it develops in size dependent on in general body changes. … Bosom knead with certain run of the mill examples may prompt incitement in blood course in the locale of the bosom yet not squeezing of bosoms

Q – How can woman increase her libido?

Ans :-

Have a go at eating certain natural products. …

Have a go at eating chocolate. …

Take your day by day herbs. …

Take a tip from Africa. …

Lift your self-assurance. …

Stick to one glass of wine. …

Set aside effort to contemplate and assuage pressure.

Q – What causes high libido in females?

Ans :- Kid sexual maltreatment, for example, here and there shows sometime down the road as hypersexuality or enthusiastic sexual conduct. A high moxie is additionally at times brought about by life changes. … Other ladies report an expanded sex drive during menopause, when the ovaries quit creating estrogen, and testosterone turns out to be progressively prevailing.

Q – What is the cause of Leukorrhea?

Ans :- Strange leukorrhea might be brought about by diseases with microscopic organisms, yeast, or different microorganisms. For instance, numerous explicitly transmitted sicknesses, which include the transmission of infections or microbes and incorporate illnesses, for example, gonorrhea and chlamydia, are significant reasons for leukorrhea.

Q – Is Leukorrhea dangerous for health?

Ans :- Leukorrhea is the restorative term for typical vaginal release, and is generally dainty, white, and innocuous. It is typical in early pregnancy, yet there can be occurrences where this liquid is a sign that warrants further restorative considerationFAQ 1

Stomach Problem

Q – Foods that may help reduce your symptoms

Ans :-

Vegetables. Vegetables are naturally low in fats and sugar, and they help minimize stomach acid. …
Ginger. …
Oatmeal. …
Noncitrus fruits. …
Lean meats and seafood. …
Egg whites. …
Healthy fats.

Q – How can I reduce acidity?

Ans:- Lose weight. Obesity is the main cause of GERD, Dr. Vaezi says. …
Avoid ingredients recognised to cause reflux. If you’re at chance for GERD, avoid: …
Eat smaller meals. …
Don’t lie down after eating. …
Elevate your bed. …
Review your medications. …
Quit smoking. …
Cut again on alcohol.

Q – What can constipation be a sign of?

Ans:- Constipation is a symptom, not a disease, and can be brought about by many factors. The most common are poor weight loss plan and lack of exercise. Other motives consist of irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancy, laxative abuse, travel, unique diseases, hormonal disturbances, loss of body salts and nerve damage.

Q – Where do you feel pain from constipation?

Ans:- Sometimes it is tough to distinguish between soreness in your stomach and intestines. You would possibly sense cramping or bloating in your intestines that pushes upward on your stomach. As a result, you should feel stomach soreness whilst the region of constipation is simply in your intestines .

Q – Does sitting cause constipation?

Ans:- Altered digestion: Prolonged sitting after eating can compress the abdominal cavity for that reason slowing down digestion, which can lead to more than a few troubles like heartburn and constipation

Q – Can constipation cause weight gain?

Ans:- But there is precise news: your physique is not in reality absorbing greater calories, says Brown, so it is not genuine weight acquire so lots as it is greater fecal matter, which is what could be including a few pounds to the scale

Q – How do you get indigestion to go away?

Ans:- Try not to chew with your mouth open, talk whilst you chew, or devour too fast. This makes you swallow too plenty air, which can add to indigestion.
Drink liquids after alternatively than at some point of meals.
Avoid late-night eating.
Try to loosen up after meals.
Avoid spicy foods.
If you smoke, quit.
Avoid alcohol.

Q – Can indigestion cause chest pain?

Ans:- Heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux and GERD that motives a painful burning sensation in the middle of the chest. This sensation can occasionally sense comparable to the chest pain that human beings ride at some stage in a coronary heart assault or attacks of angina. … If chest ache lasts for greater than a few minutes

Q – What can indigestion be a symptom of?

  • Ans:- Burning in the stomach or top abdomen.
    Abdominal pain.
    Bloating (full feeling)
    Belching and gas.
    Nausea and vomiting.
    Acidic taste.
  • Growling stomach.
    FAQ 2

Joint Pain

Q – What is cervical pain symptom?

Ans:- Most people with cervical spondylosis do not have full-size symptoms. If symptoms do occur, they can range from slight to extreme and may develop progressively or take place suddenly. One common symptom is ache round the shoulder blade. Some complain of pain alongside the arm and in the fingers.

Q – How can I get rid of cervical pain at home?

Ans:- Apply ice for the first few days. …
Take OTC ache relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
Take a few days off from sports, activities that worsen your symptoms, and heavy lifting. …
Exercise your neck each day. …
Use proper posture.

Q – How can I stop cervical pain?

Ans:- Prevention
Use true posture. …
Take usual breaks. …
Adjust your desk, chair and pc so that the monitor is at eye level. …
Avoid tucking the cellphone between your ear and shoulder when you talk. …
If you smoke, quit. …
Avoid carrying heavy baggage with straps over your shoulder. …
Sleep in a excellent position.

Q – What can cause joint pain besides arthritis?

Ans:- bursitis, or infection of the cushioning pads around joints.
certain infectious diseases, such as mumps, influenza, and hepatitis.
chondromalacia of the patella, or a breakdown of the cartilage in the kneecap.
an injury.
tendinitis, or infection of the tendon.

Q – What are the early signs of arthritis?

Ans:- Pain, swelling and stiffness in one or a couple of joints.
Morning stiffness in and around the affected joints lasting at least one hour.
Pain and stiffness that worsens with state of no activity and improves with physical activity.
Reduced vary of motion.
Sometimes fever, weight loss, fatigue and/or anemia.

Q – Can arthritis go away?

Ans:- Most people absolutely recover from reactive arthritis, however it may additionally take a few months to a year. Some people have symptoms long-term. Reactive arthritis is joint pain and swelling induced by using an infection

joint pain


Q – How can an obese woman lose weight?

Ans:- Cut Down on Refined Carbs. Refined carbs bear considerable processing, lowering the quantity of fiber and micronutrients in the remaining product. …
Add Resistance Training to Your Routine. …
Drink More Water. …
Eat More Protein. …
Set a Regular Sleep Schedule. …
Do More Cardio. …
Keep a Food Journal. …
Fill up on Fiber.

Q – What is the best treatment for obesity?

Ans:- Ayurveda is the most effective way to lose weight as it has been in operation since ancient times ans has no side effect.

Q – Can you lose 50 pounds in a month?

Ans:-  For most people, a weight loss three to four kilos per month represents a healthy and sustainable strategy to dropping 50 kilos or more. … At a weight loss of two pounds per week, you will lose 50 pounds in 25 weeks, or a little less than six months

Q – Why am I suddenly gaining weight?

Ans:- Weight acquire is a common symptom of Cushing’s syndrome, a circumstance in which you are uncovered to too much of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn causes weight acquire and other abnormalities. … It can additionally appear when your adrenal glands make too plenty cortisol, or it should be related to a tumor.

Q – What is weight gain a sign of?

Ans:- Weight obtain can result from an make bigger in body fluid, muscle mass, or fat. … An make bigger in muscle mass is often viewed with exercising. An expand in body fat is generally seen as a result of weight loss program or lack of exercising as the physique converts muscle to fat. An immoderate weight reap is referred to as obesity.

Q – What foods cause weight gain?

Ans:- Smoothies and Protein Shakes. …
Low-Fat Flavored Yogurt. …
Fresh-Pressed Juices. …
‘Healthy’ Sweeteners. …
Low-Calorie Cereal. …
Dried Fruit. ...
Packaged Diet Foods. ...
Flavored Coffees.       Obesity / Weight Loss